Small business is the beating heart of South Africa’s economic recovery. It is the micro, small and medium enterprises that will provide jobs and revenue as the journey to a more robust fiscus gets properly underway. During lockdown many businesses were forced to close their doors, many others were forced to adapt or pivot to new market realities, while others thrived or survived.

Here are the stories of five South African businesses who are not only ready for the future market, but to whom doing good while doing business is a part of their company ethos.

Each of them – in unique ways and in different sectors – is stepping up to break new ground, solving environmental and social challenges with their compassionate approach to business.

Clientèle Legal, a support partner to business in South Africa, is proud to share their stories, lessons and top business tips.  

* The businesses featured in this series are not affiliated to Clientele

The Step Up Stories

Each week, for five weeks, we will be launching a new episode of this entrepreneurial series that celebrates the agility and tenacity of South African small business.

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