The only Internationally Accredited Fashion School in South Africa

Fashion forward: Design your own future

Stadio School of Fashion offers a range of fashion diplomas, degrees, an honours qualification and various short courses to suit your needs.

Whether you want to kick-start a new career or inspire a side hustle, there’s something for you.

The School, formerly LISOF is managed by the JSE-listed tertiary education provider Stadio Holdings and is currently the only South African fashion school internationally accredited with the British Accreditation Council (BAC).

Stadio School of Fashion’s alumni are active across the value chain of the fashion industry covering design, media, buying and other fashion business practices. As the most progressive fashion design school in Africa, Stadio School of Fashion is also committed to inspiring a future of ethical fashion norms to lessen the environmental impact created by the industry.

‘We believe that by investing in the human potential around us, we can grow minds and dreams. Creating more opportunities in the workplace. Ultimately benefiting our nation as a whole.’

More information on the various qualifications on offer is here and  information on how to apply for any of the qualifications is here.

‘We focus on what our student wants and what the world of work needs. And we offer access to higher education designed to address both.’
I believe that studying something creative is especially valuable in this time. Between COVID-19 and digital transformation, with the advent of AI and machine learning, human creativity has come to the fore. The world is experiencing a shake-up, but we still find our solace, our meaning in creative expression.
Maryne Steenekamp, Head of School of Fashion


Hatfield Campus
367 Hilda street
Tel: 012 342 0069

Randburg Campus
6 Eileen Road
Tel: 011 326 1698