SunLanders don’t want their
families going into debt
to say goodbye

What matters most to SunLanders after their death is that their loved ones don’t go into debt planning their funerals.

In a recent survey, powered by your partner in dignified funerals, Clientèle Life, we asked a cross-section of Daily Sun readers if they had planned how their family would pay for their funeral and an overwhelming 88% said yes.

A further 62% of SunLanders said they had planned in great detail for their family not to go into debt and spend too much money when planning their funeral.

In addition to ensuring that their loved ones are taken care of when they are gone, our readers also care about the comfort of those who come to the funeral to support their family through this difficult time. Of those surveyed, 59% of SunLanders indicated that ensuring there was enough food at the funeral for all the mourners was very important while the next item of importance was the casket in which they would be buried.

Planning a funeral is filled with stress and heightened emotions and can lead to disagreements within the family. Unsurprisingly, 63% of our readers said who will pay for the funeral caused the biggest disagreements in families. This is reason enough to ensure you have a funeral plan in place that eases the stress for your loved ones. 

We also asked SunLanders if they had had awkward experiences at funerals, and they had. Nearly half of those surveyed had been to a funeral where the family had a big fight in front of the mourners and one in three had been to a funeral where one of the speakers had nothing nice to say about the deceased. More than half had been to a funeral where the food ran out before the mourners had all eaten and just under half had been to a funeral where the neighbours refused to come to help with preparations because they said the deceased didn’t support the community.

One a more serious note, of the readers surveyed, 89% indicated that it was extremely important for a funeral policy to pay out within 24 hours, overwhelmingly this was the key service SunLanders wanted from their funeral cover providers. Clientèle Life offers this standard with their dignified funeral plan. The plan also gives clients access to a 24-hour funeral helpline, which was identified by 8 out of 10 readers as an extremely important service to have as part of their funeral policy.  

When someone passes, worrying about how to pay for their sendoff shouldn’t be top of mind, but in reality funerals can come with a hefty price tag. Of the readers surveyed, those who had recently planned a funeral said that it had cost more than R25,000, so planning for the inevitable is part of how we care for those we leave behind.

Remember Clientèle Life offers you a free Funeral Guide with important steps to remember if a loved one passes away. The Funeral Guide is available in six different languages, includes a funeral planning check list, a Life File and Will template. All readily available for download.

To view the Clientèle Funeral Guide click here.